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Reading time 3-4 minutes

How to install an extension

1) Click on the “Install for free” button on the website or follow our link in the Chrome Google Store.

2) Click on the «Add to Chrome» button

3) Extension successfully installed! Easytolearn’s icon will appear in your list of browser extensions.

How to start using

1) To start using the extension, you need to click on the browser extension icon.

2) A start window will appear on your screen, containing a welcome text and a login button. You will need to press the “Log in” button and log in with your Google account.

3) Yaay! As the authorization in the extension will be successfully completed, your first and last name will be displayed in the top panel on a separate page in your personal account.

What can the extension do?

Add videos to playlists

You can choose interesting videos with subtitles on YouTube and save them to playlists.

  • When selecting a video inside the YouTube platform, click on the extension icon.
  • In that newly opened window click “Open video” with the desired subtitles.
  • You can change languages inside your personal account, using the “Select subtitles” button.
  • You can create new playlists in your personal account at any time.

Video without subtitles will not be supported.

Translation of quotes and phrases

  • To translate a word or the whole phrase, double-click on it.
  • In the popup window click on the “Translate” button
  • Then a new browser window with Google Translate will open.

Saving phrases

  • You can highlight and save part of the phrase (or the entire phrase) while you’re watching a video in the subtitles section of the language being studied (at the bottom).
  • In the window that appears, click the “Save selection” or “Save sentence” button.
  • The added phrase appears in the “Saved Phrases” section, in both phrase modes (in “Current video” and in “All video”).
  • In the “Saved Phrases” section: the highlighted part of the phrase will be highlighted in yellow.

Once added, the phrase can be played or deleted if necessary.


Select subtitles
Phrase playback by click


How to add a new playlist
Select subtitles
Playlist change

Save selection

How to add
a sentence
How to add
a selection
Repeat and play phrases

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